Human Trafficking does happen in Huron County.
This is a video of a woman explaining her experience of human trafficking in Huron County.

What Does Human Trafficking Look Like?

  • Targeting of anyone (predominantly women or girls) with the direct intent of profiting via their exploitation
  • Main recruitment tools include the use of social media, blackmail as well as through previously established connections and relationships
  • Once relationship is established, emotional manipulation is used to further recruit and condition the victim
  • Many victims identify their trafficker as their “boyfriend” and think that they are in love!  Showing attention and interest can be confusing to a young girl that is looking for acceptance
  • You can be a victim of trafficking and still return home every night
  • Incriminating photos are taken and then used as leverage to ensure victims will do what they are asked in fear of exposure
  • Rental properties, Airbnb’s, hotels, abandoned farms or barns can all be used to isolate the victim and keep the person trapped to the “lifestyle”
  • #1 growing crime on the planet, 93% are Canadian Born and Raised
  • Female friends will befriend a victim and then introduce them to the “party scene” and new young men that pay attention to them
  • Youth who struggle with low self-esteem, bullying, discrimination, poverty, abuse, isolation and other social or family issues tend to be most targeted