Jim Dietrich: Current BOD Chair

Jim owns a farm in the south part of Huron County. He is also the current chair of South Huron Police Board as provincial representative served a 4-year term as council representative. Jim sat on municipal council for 16 years and was on county council for 7 years.  He is married with two children and three grandchildren.


Robert Morris: Current BOD Vice Chair

Bob Morris was a Crown Attorney for the County of Huron for over 26 years. Co-founded the first Domestic Assault Review Team (DART) in Canada. Bob helped to create the Huron Assessment Risk Reduction Team (HARRT). HARRT identifies then actively manages the most serious and dangerous domestic violence cases. He has won two awards given out by the Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association: The Frank Hoffman Memorial Award for dedication, diligence and enthusiasm and the Doug Lucas Award for the pursuit of justice through science. Bob has been certified as a Specialist in criminal law by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  He has a criminal law practice in Goderich. 


Mike Scott: Current BOD Treasurer  

Mike is a retired OPP officer who has enjoyed a strong relationship with Victim Services throughout his policing career. He is a 27-year resident of Huron county and his hobbies include flying, farming and beekeeping.




Jo-Anne Fields: Current BOD Secretary

Jo-Anne is the Community Services Manager for the Municipality of South Huron for the past 35 years. Jo-Anne plays a dynamic role in the organization and delivery of community events. She is especially passionate and committed to the Exeter Rodeo, which has successfully entertained thousands of families for the past 20 years.

Jo-Anne knows all about a busy lifestyle! In addition to raising two sons, she has been a dedicated and active member of many organizations.  Jo-Anne is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the South Huron Police Services Board and the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards, Zone 5.

In her “free time”, Jo-Anne enjoys cheering on the London Knights, vacationing in the Caribbean with her partner Scott, spending time with her family, including her 8 year old granddaughter and bonding with friends in her back yard.  


Carole Weber

Carole was raised in Huron County and returned in 2004, she currently lives in Benmiller.  She has a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration – Honours from Wilfrid Laurier University 1975).  Carole has held senior management and executive positions primarily in residential construction and land development firms.  She has been self-employed since 2008 as a bookkeeper and small business consultant with clients throughout the area.


Tim Poole

Tim Poole was born and raised in Halifax, NS.  His career started with the Military Police in 1976 serving at various locations across Canada, Europe and the Middle East.  In 1999 Tim retired from the military and started with the Wingham Police Service.  He worked his way through the ranks and is the current Chief of Police for the Wingham Police Service.  This will be the second time he has served on the board for Huron County Victim Services.  In his spare time, he is the Commanding Officer of the Wingham Air Cadets.


Susan Regier

Susan Regier, owner of Vantage One Writing and publisher of  networkingtoday.com, is a professional copywriter, brand storyteller, and marketing strategist. She has shared her talents with many non-profit organizations throughout the years to help them create more impact within their communities. Susan grew up in Huron County and returned in 2016, currently residing in St. Joseph with her husband.