The Board of the VSHC is comprised of 8 -12 Directors. Directors serve as volunteers. Applications are being accepted from interested members of Huron County to fill vacancies as they arise. A passion and strong desire to support and promote services to victims are candidate attributes.

Regular meetings of the Board are held on a monthly basis. Additionally, each Director is expected to participate in at least one other committee of the Board and/or support fundraising activities.

Please complete the following application for consideration by the Nominating Committee of the Board. VSHC BOD Application Form

You may mail, fax or email your completed application form to the following:

Attention: Board Nominating Committee

Victim Services of Huron County

122 Duke St., Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0


Fax: 519-600-4150


Alternatively, you may complete and submit the application with the following form:

Strategic Planning



Program Planning and Evaluation

Human Resources Principles & Practices

Financial Management and Control (Budgeting, Accounting)

Communication, Social Media

Participation in Interagency Committees

Public and Media Relations

Organizational Development

Information Technology

Writing, Journalism

Special Events (Planning and Implementing)